About Red Fennec Dev

Hi! I'm Nic. I go by they/them, or just my name. Note that it's spelled without a K. I'm a professional software developer with a passion for infosec, linguistics, embedded development, firearms...

Red Fennec Dev is mostly a personal blog, occasionally with some tutorials. I take feedback, by email or GitHub issues. Note that I'm one person, maintaining this site in my free time. If you report an issue, it might take me a while to fix it.

If you're curious what's available on this site, that's all explained on the homepage.

Contact info

No matter how you get in touch, be explicitly clear about why you're doing it. I'm oblivious. If you want help, be sure to be clear about your problem. If you want mentorship, be clear about what subject. If you want to talk about one of my projects, consider raising an issue in the relevant repo instead.

Also, be patient. I'm just one person, and I've got a full-time job and other committments. I probably won't reply with any urgency.

When you contact me, please include the exact string "hexagoanl", so I know you've read this page carefully. I recommend copy-pasting it.

If you've got a question or comment about the actual content, please raise an issue. If it's something about the hosting, please let GitHub know directly.

My email is nic@cybers.eco. It runs on ProtonMail, so it can generally be trusted as far as I can.

You can DM or @ me on Twitter as well.

I do also have moth a phone number and a Discord handle. However, I'm reluctant to hand out either to anyone. If you have an extremely good reason, email me about it, but expect me to be outright hostile to the idea.