HeartPinePhone is a project of mine. I could give you the fancy pitch, but that's all in [the README] anyway, if you really care. Long story short: HPP is an OS for PinePhone that you can trust. It's also, admittedly, mostly just a pet project, because I like writing low-level code. What you'll read here are the posts chronicling my journey through developing it. I'm hoping this eventually becomes a roughly weekly thing, but we'll see how life treats me.

I want to be clear that these blogposts are meant to be part educational, part insightful, but mostly just for me to keep track of my progress. You may find value in reading them. You may learn something! But mostly, I just want to have a history so I can look back on this in six months and feel pride at how far I've come. Or shame at having abandoned the project. We'll see.

You may also be interested in some resources about the PinePhone:

You may want them as you read along with the blogs. I reference them a lot and if you don't, some connections might not be obvious.