Shoutouts are blog posts about people who do cool stuff. They're an attempt to balance out a little bit of the harassment that the people get. When someone gets called "not technical enough", I write up a list of all the cool shit they've done. When someone gets called "a quota hire", I point out all the ways they've helped people. When someone's manager is emailed with lies, I rebut with all the truthful praise I can muster.

Shoutouts are not objective. They're not biographies. They're singing the praises of people who get harassed over bullshit. I hope they offset the pain a little bit.

If you've got an idea for somone who deserves a Shoutout about them, let me know! If you disagree, feel free to make your opinion known by writing it and putting it in one of these! And finally, if you think I missed something important: Write your own! The point of these is to show support for people who get unfairly demonized. The more individuals who do it, the better!